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Have you ever felt the gap between what you see on TV and what you can do on a tennis court? Ever wondered how Federer hits those sweet forehand winners or how Serena hits those effortless aces at Wimbledon?

Powerful serves, solid volleys, topspin forehands, efficient strokes (biomechanics), grips, stances, counter balances… all the fine details you miss on TV, we make simple to learn and easy for you to apply.

Zekel Tennis are passionate about  delivering the best teaching and practices. We have travelled to some of the best academies in the world learning the best philosophies and most efficient mechanics for you to play the game as you see modelled by the professionals.
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What Our Clients Have To Say...
'He is most conscientious, taking the greatest care to adapt his coaching to our playing levels. Milo enjoys his lessons very much, thanks to Zekel's intuitive ability to motivate children, and I feel very much improved at the... veteran stage of my tennis playing. I cannot recommend him highly enough.'

Peter Aspden
'Thank you for giving Mia such pleasure and building her confidence - she has changed a lot since she started playing tennis. She didn't like any sports before, or PE at school, but she loves PE and being active outside now! We are so pleased with her progress!'

Chinatsu Potts
‘Zekel Tennis lessons are really great! My son is three and a half and their teaching style is perfect for this age group as they make it so much fun. The children are really engaged and they have so much patience, which is vital for children at this age... I would be so so happy to recommend Zekel Tennis to anybody.'  
Aimee Watkins
                   Tennis Coaching For All Ages...
Weekly group and individual training sessions
Our junior programmes vary according to age and level but generally include:
  • Clear technical points for each session
  • Match based drills
  • Physical training adapted to age and level
  • Video analysis, comparisons and reviews
  • Reward systems and team games for younger children
Weekly group and individual sessions
We provide a range of services to suit every player:
  • Private lessons
  • Video analysis, comparisons and reviews
  • Weekly group
  • Technical corrections in each session
  • Tennis fitness sessions
Our Coaches
Oliver Boyle
Club Coach
Born and raised in London, Oli has played competitive tennis from a young age and
represented both his school and university teams. He is an LTA and BTCA licensed coach and has a friendly and enthusiastic approach towards coaching. Oliver is fluent in both French and Arabic and enjoys coaching all age groups and abilities.
Zekel Atherley
Director of Tennis
Zekel began his coaching journey in Hampstead, where he first gained experience leading lessons with large groups of children. He has since furthered his coaching education, gaining valuable experience abroad at world-class academies in Japan, France and Belgium, as well as High Performance Centres in the UK. 
James Howard
Club Coach
Born in Wimbledon, James has played tennis competitively since the age of 11. He represented the Surrey County Team and won the Under 18 Surrey Doubles title. James also trained at Bollettieri's. James has a friendly yet diligent approach to coaching and enjoys coaching all ages and abilities. James is a LTA Level 3 licensed coach. 
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Zekel Tennis is a tennis coaching provider based in West London for all ages and abilities with a range of services to suit every player. 
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